Bookmarklet for who can see your twitter @reply tweet

Previously in Who can see your @reply in twitter I highlighted Tony’s Common Friends or Followers on Twitter script. For this you had to download some code and create a html file to run locally. Having played with the SNAPP bookmarklet which lets you  ”visualize the network of interactions resulting from discussion forum posts and replies” in various VLEs I thought […]

Who can see your @reply in twitter

I’ve been a serious twitter user for over a year now but only learned a fundamental of Twitter’s reply mechanism a couple of weeks ago (how embarrassing). Looking at the behaviour of some of the people I follow it makes me think others don’t know this little fact either. If you were like me you probably assumed that […]

Caching and displaying @rsc_ne_scotland Twitter feed

Update: Hmm, you could just use a service like Feedburner or Yahoo Pipes to handle the caching of the RSS bit. On our JISC RSC Scotland North & East homepage we use a version 1 of the Twitter widget to display tweets (to tweak appearance we’ve actually modified the JS slightly, our local version of twitter.js […]

Trouble at JISCAdvanceUberTwitStream Twitter Feed

To make sure we have a steady flow of tweets on our @rsc_ne_scotland twitter feed for some time we have been pulling news and events from JISC and JISC Service websites, publishing them using the service. has some great features for manipulating RSS feeds like adding item prefix or replacing text, but because […]