Augmented Reality: Opportunities for Education

In the last edition of RSC NewsFeed we featured a link to one of the latest Common Craft videos explaining augmented reality. There are already a number of examples of this in education including work from Edinburgh College of Art/University of Edinburgh which brings historical data alive by Walking Through Time. David Hopkins at Bournemouth University has also recently posted some more examples in Augmented Reality: does it have a place/future in education?

Two more examples we would like to highlight are the watch manufacture Tissot’s Reality which was used by Geektown at their London store to let customers virtually try on watches (if you would like to try this yourself you can at Tissot Reality):

If you are wondering what this has to do with education, colleagues at Carnegie College recently highlighted Second Sight a mobile application which has the potential to bring text alive:

More information on Second Sight (including versions of the software for other platforms) visit Black Ridge Technologies