Continuing the move: Over 100 posts from RSC NewsFeed

Continuing the migration of work I’ve done in the last 3 years at JISC RSC Scotland North & East I’ve imported posts which I’ve authored for our fortnightly electronic newsletter RSC NewsFeed. In total there are just over 100 posts, which focus more on the practical things in life rather than some of my more […]

How Flexible is your Learning?

With continued question-marks about the financial sustainability of tertiary education it is interesting to see how the educational landscape continues to change. As the tectonic plates of funders and providers continue to move apart, a new landscape is emerging. This new territory has not yet been tarnished with the impurities of profit or politics but instead is rich in the fundamental element […]

Event: Enhancing Business Performance: The Role of Technology in Developing Skills and Knowledge

Date: Monday 21st February 2011 Venue:  National e-Science Centre, 15 South College Street, Edinburgh EH8 9AA Time: 09:30 – 16:00 Cost: Free   Both Higher and Further Education institutions are actively engaged in a wide variety of initiatives to enhance Business Performance through the development of Skills and Knowledge.  This event will be of interest […]

Optivote for Moodle Partnership Programme: Get £3,000 Worth of Electronic Voting Kit and Support

Electronic voting (clickers) in the classroom have been used to engage students in learning for a number of years. As well as potentially being a fun way to learn there are great opportunities for tutors to identify misconceptions in knowledge and ‘close the gap’.  However, one issue with many voting systems is that results often […]

Free Online Course in Digital Storytelling

There has been a lot of talk recently with education funding models and the four letter word ‘fees’. An emigrant area is the rise of the massively open online courses (MOOCs).  The origins of MOOCs can be traced to September 2008 when over 1,200 people signed up for  George Siemens and Stephen Downes Connectivism and […]

ALT-C 2010 Keynotes get a ‘Tweet Track’ with help from RSC Scotland North & East

In the last edition of RSC NewsFeed we posted Farewell Lectures? Donald Clark Stirs it Up which highlighted Donald Clark’s “Don’t lecture me” keynote from ALT-C 2010. In this post we directed you to a related post on the Learning Conversations blog which mentioned that there was a lot of backchannel dialogue during Donald’s presentation by delegates […]

Report: US Department of Education – Evaluation of Evidence Based Practices in On-Line Education

The US Department of Education have recently published a report which analysed the findings of over 1000 empirical studies of online learning published between 1996 and July 2008.  The report has concluded that In recent experimental and quasi-experimental studies contrasting blends of online and face-to-face instruction with conventional face-to-face classes, blended instruction has been more […]

Entice with a bit of Spice: SpicyNodes Mind Mapping and Visualisation Tool

Regular reader of RSC NewsFeed will probably know that we have a fondness towards mind mapping. Recently we came across SpicyNodes which lets you create and present nice ‘floaty’ interactive mind maps. Whilst SpicyNodes doesn’t have the same level of online editing as the likes of Mindmeister, it more than makes up with its visual […]

NUS Scotland: Still in the Red Report – Student Finance in 2010

NUS Scotland have published a report researching the student financial support system.  The Still in the Red report surveyed over 7,400 Scottish further and higher education students exploring the effectiveness and impact of student finances. Headline findings from the report include: 61% of students worry frequently or all of the time about finances 62% said […]

Augmented Reality: Opportunities for Education

In the last edition of RSC NewsFeed we featured a link to one of the latest Common Craft videos explaining augmented reality. There are already a number of examples of this in education including work from Edinburgh College of Art/University of Edinburgh which brings historical data alive by Walking Through Time. David Hopkins at Bournemouth […]

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