A Year in the Life of QR Codes at Bath

QR Code for RSC NewsFeedIf you are unfamiliar with the concept of QR codes they are like the barcodes you see in the supermarket but have the ability to store more information. Usually the information contains links or web address and are designed to save you typing information in on your mobile phone. An example of a QR code for the RSC NewsFeed blog in contained in this post. The RSC Scotland North & East’s Learning Technologies blog has more information on QR codes and there is an archive of a recent RSCtv session on QR Codes. Applications in education.

One institution which has been doing a lot of work with QR codes is the University of Bath. They have been using QR codes for over a year now in a range of areas including:

  • recording student assignment submission
  • integrated with their university library system
  • included as part of the VLE (Moodle)

A recent post by the Andy Ramsden (Head of e-Learning, University of Bath) gives some more details of the activities they have been engaged with, giving a frank synopsis of what has and hasn’t worked.

Click here for A year in the life of QR Codes at Bath