Turn Learning Microsoft Office into a Game with Ribbon Hero

Microsoft Ribbon

I’ve been using Microsoft Office 2007 for over two years now and I still struggle to find things in the new menu bar also known as the ‘ribbon’. A recent minor breakthrough was the realisation that not all of the commands are actually displayed (if you click on the round home button, top-left, select ‘Word Options’, then ‘Customize’, you can list all the hidden commands by changing the ‘Choose commands from’ option to ‘Commands Not in the Ribbon’. I’m sure there are many commands in this list that you don’t recognise, equally the features of Microsoft Office are so vast that I’m sure you are not aware of some of the simple things you can do to improve your productivity. If you don’t have the time to attend your institutions MS Office training (if they still provide such a thing), you might want to try Microsoft Office Labs Ribbon Hero.
Ribbon Hero is a free Office add-on which allows you to learn about Word PowerPoint and Excel into more bite-sized chunks. By taking ‘challenges’ you can learn about increasing your Office productivity, and to motivate you towards Office mastery you are awarded points (with the option of comparing how you are getting on by uploading to a leaderboard on Facebook.  The video below shows you how to ‘play the game’:

Click here to download Ribbon Hero