Turn Learning Microsoft Office into a Game with Ribbon Hero

I’ve been using Microsoft Office 2007 for over two years now and I still struggle to find things in the new menu bar also known as the ‘ribbon’. A recent minor breakthrough was the realisation that not all of the commands are actually displayed (if you click on the round home button, top-left, select ‘Word […]

Microsoft Office 2010: First look free e-Book

Microsoft Office 2010 isn’t due out until the 12th May and it will be some time more before it hits campus desktops. However, if you would like to get up to speed with the major changes in the new suite, the Microsoft Learning team have put together a free e-book, “First Look Microsoft Office 2010”. […]

Your Inbox: Getting More Social

Some of you maybe sick of the ‘social’ tag being used on virtual every new website start-up, and you maybe about to get sicker when you find out software developers want to ‘socialise’ your inbox. Microsoft Outlook 2010 First we have Microsoft’s Social Connector add-on for Outlook 2010. This allows users to view and use […]

Adding a New Dimension to Fieldwork: TED Augmented-reality Mapping with Microsoft’s Bing Maps

In a September ‘08 edition of RSC NewsFeed we highlighted the launch of Microsoft’s Photosynth technology which lets you build three-dimensional representations of places and objects using a series of digital images. One of the original developers from this project recently demonstrated how this technology was being integrated in Microsoft’s Bing Maps. The video below […]

British Library and Microsoft Announce Online Platform for Collaborative Research

The British Library and Microsoft Research have worked in partnership to design and develop a ‘virtual research environment’ that will provide a single easy-to-use interface enabling research teams to work collaboratively. The Research Information Centre (RIC) Framework will provide an environment in which users can create, share, discuss, manage, find and track articles, references, bookmarks, […]

PowerPoint: Embedding YouTube Video

David Hopkins (Bournemouth University) has put together some simple instructions on how to embed YouTube videos into PowerPoint: David’s post includes a test PPT file and a link on how you can preserve the video if you want to upload to SlideShare. Click here for PowerPoint: Embedding YouTube Video

Microsoft Freebies

Getting the most out of your Microsoft campus deal? BlogMS, which picks the best from over 200 official Microsoft team blogs, has complied a long list of free Microsoft software and online services. For the techies there are some links to ‘powertoys‘ you might not have known about (I went for an ALT-TAB replacement which […]

LiveWeb – Insert and View Web Pages in PowerPoint in Real-time

In NewsFeed we recently featured Paul’s E-Learning Resource (a list of freely available tools and services for e-learning). In his latest update he highlights LiveWeb, a great free add-in for PowerPoint, which allows you to insert live web pages into your presentation. Inserted web pages are live so you can interact with them (navigate, input […]

Plexing your Muscles with PowerPoint 2007

Frustrated by the linear nature of PowerPoint? Would you like to navigate quickly between slides in different parts of your presentation? Microsoft Office Labs have come up with a free new plug-in for PowerPoint 2007 called pptPlex which allows you to tour your students through your presentation as a ‘zoomable canvas’. The video below produced […]

Photosynth Competition!

In the last issue of NewsFeed we highlighted Photosynth, an application from Microsoft that lets you create three-dimensional representations of places and objects using digital images. Well it appears some of you have already been busy ‘synthing’ over the summer because Mike Whyment from the University of Aberdeen recently won an amateur Photosynth competition being […]