Highlights from Free Technology for Teachers blog

In the last edition of RSC NewsFeed I confessed to only just discovering the Free Technology for Teachers blog. Since then there have been a number of posts worth highlighting here.

HootCourse – A Classroom Application for Twitter
HootCourses use Facebook, Twitter and blogging platforms“At its most basic HootCourse is a platform on which you can create a conversation channel which HootCourse calls "courses". Your students can post comments and questions in the course you create. If your students have Twitter or Facebook accounts they can login using those accounts to post messages. Students can also post messages in Twitter, use the hashtag you assign to your course, and then HootCourse will pull all of their Tweets into your course. If students need to write more than 140 characters they have their posts on Blogger, WordPress, Posterous, or Xanga appear in your HootCourse course.” 

Interested in using more social media in the classroom? Our colleagues in RSC South East have a ‘Twitter – Making the most out of tweets’ module course. RSC Scotland North & East have also created a face-to-face workshop. If you would like more information please contact us.

Five Ways Students Can Build Multimedia Timelines
“my classes will soon begin reviewing for final exams. One of the review activities that I’ve had students do in the past is create multimedia timelines containing key events and concepts from the year.”  

Five solutions are highlighted: XTimeline; TimeGlider; Time Toast; TimeRime; and Dipity

Goofram – Google and Wolfram Alpha Side by Side
“Goofram really shines when you’re searching for information about a topic that could potentially have a lot of numerical information as well as text-based information. For example, when I searched using the phrase, "first person to climb Mount Everest," the result was a column of links, generated by Google, to articles about Mount Everest and a column of statistical information, generated by Wolfram Alpha, about Mount Everest.”