Highlights from Free Technology for Teachers blog

In the last edition of RSC NewsFeed I confessed to only just discovering the Free Technology for Teachers blog. Since then there have been a number of posts worth highlighting here. HootCourse – A Classroom Application for Twitter “At its most basic HootCourse is a platform on which you can create a conversation channel which […]

Online Resource Gives Freshers Real Picture of University Life

A dynamic JISC-funded website is providing current students with a platform to interact with potential students to give them an accurate and honest forecast of life at university. The Alternative Guide (TAG) to the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) site ensures students starting university for the first time develop realistic expectations of higher education as […]

Creating Student Video Feedback Using ScreenToaster

video feedback Originally uploaded by theLaika In The RSC NewsFeed March Offcuts we highlighted ScreenToaster the free online application which allows you to record the activity on your computer screen with a single click. The concept of recording your screen is not new and there are various commercial (Camtasia) and free  (CamStudio) applications to do […]

WallWisher – Free Online Noticeboard

WallWisher is a free online noticeboard service designed to allow easy communication via virtual sticky notes. It’s easy for users can create boards (no registration required) which then can be shared for others to add and edit.  As well as ‘traditional’ text notes users can embed images and even web pages and videos. Noticeboards can […]

Visible Body – Human Anatomy Online in 3D

The Visible Body, presented by Argosy Publishing, features a complete, searchable, online and fully interactive 3D human anatomy model, and detailed models of all body systems. Detailed, anatomically accurate, three-dimensional models of more than 1,700 anatomical structures are available, including all major organs and body systems. The models were developed by experienced medical illustrators and […]