From Tsunami to Swell: Google Wave Now Available for All

This time last year the newswire was abuzz with news about Google latest project Wave. Riding the hyperbole was RSC Scotland North & East’s Higher Education blog with a collection of posts exploring how Google’s new real-time collaborative platform could be used in education. After the initial hiatus for invites to join the Wave Beta […]

10 Sources of Educational Science Games from Free Technology for Teachers

I’ve only recently discovered the Free Technology for Teachers blog and with over 100 posts a month, it’s a rich resource for educators looking for teaching material. Although it is aimed at primary and secondary education there are some very useful resources for colleges. A recent post which caught my eye was 10 Sources of […]

How would I, as a Student, want Academic Innovation to Affect my Studies?

Developing an awareness of new and emerging technologies is essential for most graduates. If lecturers make use of new and emerging technology in their modules, and provide students with the opportunity to do the same, then students will be better prepared for careers where they need to always be on the cutting edge of technology. […]

Online Resource Gives Freshers Real Picture of University Life

A dynamic JISC-funded website is providing current students with a platform to interact with potential students to give them an accurate and honest forecast of life at university. The Alternative Guide (TAG) to the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) site ensures students starting university for the first time develop realistic expectations of higher education as […]

SFC: Learning for All: Fourth Update Report

The Scottish Funding Council (SFC) and the National Union of Students (Scotland) held the 2010 Learning for All conference on the 23rd March 2010 in Glasgow, launching the Learning for All: Fourth update report on measures of success March 2010. When it was first published in September 2005, Learning for All proposed that our progress […]

Microsoft Office 2010: First look free e-Book

Microsoft Office 2010 isn’t due out until the 12th May and it will be some time more before it hits campus desktops. However, if you would like to get up to speed with the major changes in the new suite, the Microsoft Learning team have put together a free e-book, “First Look Microsoft Office 2010”. […]

BBC Wildlife photo masterclass and OU photo competition

Whether you are an amateur photographer or teach photography you might be interested in the BBC’s Photo Masterclasses. Originally featured in the BBC Wildlife magazine, the 21 articles are available to download in PDF format and cover a range of advice based on themes like extreme close-ups, zoo photography, plant portraits and more. Click here […]

Google Wave Update: Latest Developments and New Applications

It has been noticeable that mentions of Google Wave have dropped off as the year has progressed. Whilst Google’s Buzz has been catching the headlines, the Wave Team are still quietly working away tweaking both the core code and functionality of this application. Two of the biggest changes have been the inclusion of  ‘read-only and […]

Your Inbox: Getting More Social

Some of you maybe sick of the ‘social’ tag being used on virtual every new website start-up, and you maybe about to get sicker when you find out software developers want to ‘socialise’ your inbox. Microsoft Outlook 2010 First we have Microsoft’s Social Connector add-on for Outlook 2010. This allows users to view and use […]

Google Apps Marketplace

Marketplaces continue to be a popular model to allow third party developers to extended the functionality of your products (and more often than not generate some additional revenue). The most well known example is perhaps Apple’s App Store for the iPhone/ipod Touch. Earlier in the year it was reported that the App Store was responsible […]

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