How would I, as a Student, want Academic Innovation to Affect my Studies?

Developing an awareness of new and emerging technologies is essential for most graduates. If lecturers make use of new and emerging technology in their modules, and provide students with the opportunity to do the same, then students will be better prepared for careers where they need to always be on the cutting edge of technology. Not only that, but courses that make use of new and emerging technology can add variety and depth to the way students are taught and assessed.

This was the view of a Charles who is a Learning and Teaching Institute placement student at Sheffield Hallam University (SHU). In his post, made in SHU’s academic innovation blog: crucible, Charles also believes that:

Courses that support and use e-learning are often more engaging than those that don’t. Students can learn when they want, where they want, and fairly recent developments in technology have opened up whole new ways to be assessed and learn

Whilst we all know it is easy to turn e-learning bad, using technology for technology-sake, it is interesting to read the views of someone who can directly relate their experiences as a student as and supporting staffing.
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