Entice with a bit of Spice: SpicyNodes Mind Mapping and Visualisation Tool

Regular reader of RSC NewsFeed will probably know that we have a fondness towards mind mapping. Recently we came across SpicyNodes which lets you create and present nice ‘floaty’ interactive mind maps. Whilst SpicyNodes doesn’t have the same level of online editing as the likes of Mindmeister, it more than makes up with its visual appeal. That just might   make it an ideal addition to your course homepage or even on your VLE.
I mention VLE because unlike most of the other mind mapping tools, SpicyNodes can be created programmatically, that is you can create diagrams by formatting existing data like sitemap or information from your own database. Here is more information on data visualisation using SpicyNodes.
Below is an example SpicyNode explaining the service:

Click here to visit the SpicyNodes site