250 OpenCourseWare (OCW) and Open Educational Resources (OER) sites searched from 1 page

I came across this post by Zaid Ali Alsagoff the other day. Basically Zaid has compiled a list of almost 250 repositories containing free OpenCourseWare and Open Educational Resources. The list is billed as being for higher education including OCWs from MIT and OU’s OpenLearn, but there are plenty of resources which would be suitable for FE and schools (e.g. Jorum, Intute, TeacherTube, HowStuffWorks).

Tony Hirst had the brilliant idea of making the list of repositories searchable by creating a Google custom search (basically instead of individually searching 250 sites you can search them all from Tony’s custom Google search page). This has now evolved to Scott Leslie’s version which contains a wiki for people to add more OER/OCW links to another Google custom search.

This is definitely a great resource for staff and students!!!


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  • Zaid

    Dear Martin,
    Thanks for sharing this OER/OCW compilation with your readers.
    Hopefully, it will benefit them, and certainly the list is useful for K-12 education, too.
    However, for K-12 education there is so much more out there to inspire them to learn 🙂
    I will leave it to the K-12 education experts to compile that list (It is out there somewhere!) 🙂
    Have a great day learning 🙂
    Warm Regards,

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