#ocTEL– proudly powered by …

There have been a couple of very interesting WordPress/FeedWordPress recipe cards for open courses from Anne-Marie Scott for #edcmooc and Martin Weller for #h817open. Below is the ingredient list for #octel. Added to the pot is some homegrown veg which gives us some very personal customisation. A lot of this is to tweak the functionality […]

(M)OOC in a Box: Turning WordPress into an Open Course Reader #ocTEL

Google Readers demise is unfortunate but before it disappears I thought it would be useful to raid some of the functionality for an open course reader (using WordPress/FeedWordPress

#PDFTribute: MASHe as PDF and RDF/RSS 1.0

I’m embarrassed to say I didn’t know the name Aaron Swartz until a couple of days ago. I was aware of something trickling through my networks but it wasn’t until I read Dan Brickley’s Remembering Aaron Swartz that I started getting the bigger picture. Reading Brian Kelly’s A Tribute to Aaron Swartz: Lets Make #pdftribute […]

Where are you coming from: Search referrer and contextual related post/information

Just before Christmas Brian Kelly wrote a post on Trends For University Web Site Search Engines, which gives an overview of which search engines [Edit: Russell Group*] universities are using on their websites (75% using Google products) . This combined with my interest in Learning Analytics (plug: it’s week one of the open course LAK11 […]

MASHe Monthly (Email Newsletter and Template)

It’s fair to say I’m keen to get my message out any which way. As well as the blogging staples of RSS feeds I also have a print-friendly PDF Magazine version and a eBook addition in various formats (EPUB | Mobipocket/Kindle | PDF).  For a while I’ve also give an option to sign up for […]

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