#PDFTribute: MASHe as PDF and RDF/RSS 1.0

I’m embarrassed to say I didn’t know the name Aaron Swartz until a couple of days ago. I was aware of something trickling through my networks but it wasn’t until I read Dan Brickley’s Remembering Aaron Swartz that I started getting the bigger picture.

Reading Brian Kelly’s A Tribute to Aaron Swartz: Lets Make #pdftribute Trend highlighted me to PDFTribute, the campaign to show support for Aaron’s work (including the Guerilla Open Access Manifesto) by posting papers online I wanted to make my own contribution.

As I’m lacking a corpus of academic papers I thought I’d share all my blog posts. So here are 604 posts from MASHe (The MASHeBook). Because Aaron was one of the authors of RSS 1.0 specification I’ve also published MASHe as RDF/RSS 1.0 

Notes on making these