SyntaxHighlighter-GAS code editing and result

A SyntaxHighlighter Evolved WordPress plugin for Google Apps Script contributors

With my published content I like to include useful code snippets. As I published on a self-hosted WordPress blog I’ve used plugins to help format the code to make it easier to understand and also aesthetically look nice. In this post I share a WordPress plugin I’ve developed for Google Apps Script syntax highlighting.

Creating your own content curation community in WordPress

Recently I’ve been experimenting with a content curation site for the Google Apps Script community (see Apps Script Pulse – Sharing Google Apps Script community content). In this post I want to share some of the things I learned setting this site up and resources I’ve created along the way. The practice of collecting resources […]

Protecting your self hosted WordPress from threats and securing with https/SSL for free with CloudFlare

My experiences of setting up and using CloudFlare to deliver a self-hosted WordPress blog over SSL

Moving WordPress to https and keeping your feeds alive for Feedburner (avoiding 400 error)

We recently moved the ALT Online Newsletter, which is a self-hosted WordPress site, to https/SSL. We did this before Google announced it would use https as a rank factor in it’s search results so hopefully it will also have a positive boost to our traffic. To do this we opened the WordPress dashboard and switched […]

ALT Innovates: A BadgeOS WordPress plugin add-on to host and issue Mozilla Open Badges

ALT’s Open Course in Technology Enhanced Learning (ocTEL) is entering it’s final week. As part of this our effort to award digital badges has been well received by participants. One request we received was to turn our site specific digital badges into Open Badges. To achieve this we’ve developed a add-on to the existing BadgeOS plugin which will turn your WordPress powered site into a Open Badges issuer.

OER Evidence Hub: Using WordPress for research data collection and visualization

This is a repost of Using WordPress for research data collection and visualization which first appeared on the OER Research Hub blog on 27th November 2013

[Repost] Building an evidence hub plugin for WordPress

Notes on the first steps to create a custom WordPress plugin for the OER Research Hub to capture evidence

Hosting WordPress within your institution: Notes from a conversation with Joss Winn (University of Lincoln)

There is a growing list of educational uses for WordPress beyond a reflective blogging tool. Recently Joss Winn from the University of Lincoln took time out to speak to me about how since 2008 they’ve gone on to host and support over 1,800 WordPress sites with one server, one WordPress installation and one part-time person.

altc2013 building new connections: Notes on integrating Conferencer, BuddyPress, FeedWordPress and MailPress for a conference platform

I’m not entirely sure what this post is. I started writing it on the train down to altc2013 and think it lost its focus between York and Sheffield. Essentially I wanted to write this to highlight some of the benefits of using BuddyPress as a way to capture user activity streams but at the same time some of the challenges of achieving an integrated experience using WordPress. I’ll let you decide it’s value and please feel free to comment (the ‘dirty code’ post will be a lot better).

EOF/SOF: Building a connectivist conference platform for ALT-C using WordPress (first look)

End of File/Start of File – before another era starts here are the beginnings of a connectivist inspired conference platform for ALT-C 2013 proudly powered by WordPress

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