The story data tells us about #CitizenRelay

Originally posted on CitizenRelay Telling stories with data is a growing area for journalism and there is already a strong community around Data Driven Journalism (DDJ). I’m not journalist, by day I’m a Learning Technology Advisor for JISC CETIS, but my role does allow me to explore how data can be used within education. Often […]

#IWMW12 Data Visualisation Plenary/Workshop Resources

On Tuesday 19th June I’ll be presenting at the Institutional Web Manager Workshop (IWMW) in Edinburgh … twice! Tony Hirst and I are continuing our tour, which started at the JISC CETIS Conference 2012, before hitting the stage at GEUG12. For IWMW12 we are doing a plenary and workshop around data visualisation (the plenary being […]

Visual Analytics: Comparison of @SCOREProject and @UKOER (and template for making your own)

Lou McGill from the JISC/HEA OER Programme Synthesis and Evaluation team recently contacted me as part of the OER Review asking if there was a way to analyse and visualise the Twitter followers of @SCOREProject and @ukoer. Having recently extracted data for the @jisccetis network of accounts I knew it was easy to get the […]

Generating an OPML RSS bundle from a page of links using Google Spreadsheets

A post demonstrating how you can generate a OPML RSS bundle from a webpage containing a list of blog urls

Twitter Archiving Google Spreadsheet TAGS v3

Important: Changes to Twitter API Because Twitter are making changes to their API this version of TAGS will stop working in March 2013. TAGSv5.0 is compatible with the new API and you should get it here!  For existing TAGS users: What will happen to my existing TAGS sheets? When Twitter turn off the old API (test […]

OER Visualisation Project: Data Driven Journalism [day 16] #ukoer

By my calculation it’s day 16 of the OER Visualisation Project. Since day 11 and the Jorum UKOER ‘snowflake’ visualisation I’ve been going back to the refined data and trying to validate the set and understand the information it contains better. One of the things I did was upload the data from Google Refine to […]

NodeGL: An online interactive viewer for NodeXL graphs uploaded to Google Spreadsheet

Recently Tony (Hirst) tipped me off about a new viewer for Gephi graphs. Developed by Raphaël Velt it uses JavaScript to parse Gephi .gefx files and output the result on a HTML5 canvas. The code for the viewer is on github available under a MIT license if you want to download and remash, I’ve also […]

Google Spreadsheet to NodeXL to Google Spreadsheet to Web

Earlier today I said: @mhawksey Martin Hawksey Uploaded data from NodeXL to Google Spreadsheet then rendered edges in browser. 203 nodes 1913 edges processed okay For a bit more detail on how I did it. I used my TAGS template to capture tweets from the #IIE2011 event yesterday. This template includes a summary sheet […]

EDGESExplorer: Simple force layout diagrams from edge lists stored in Google Spreadsheets [NodeXL Gephi]

When I initially pushed TAGSExplorer to the world one of the first reactions I got was from my friend Tony Hirst who suggested having a simple version which let users select two columns to generate a force layout diagram (that’s what I think he was suggesting anyway ;). I’ve played around with other ways to […]

TAGSExplorer: Queryable Twitter archive exploration with Google Visualization API Query Language integration

Since pushing out my Twitter archive visualisation tool, TAGSExplorer, it nice to see people are already pushing out tweets for their own archives. After a full on development period of a couple of weeks, TAGSExplorer is reasonably stable but like most other web services there is some continual tweaking going on behind the scenes. One […]

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