TAGS Tricks: Making a searchable location map of your top Twitter contributors with Geocode by Awesome Table

In this post I’ll show you how to make a searchable Twitter contributor map like the one below in a couple of clicks, however I feel it’s my duty to educate you first…

Tips on emailing inline Google Charts from Sheets using Apps Script

There are various techniques for automatically distributing these using Apps Script and in this post I’m going to highlight one method for emailing inline charts.

Custom regular reporting from #CiviCRM with Google Sheets and Google Apps Script

At the Association for Learning Technology (ALT) one of the core tools we use for membership management is CiviCRM. In this post I show you how we use Google Apps Script to automate reporting and analysis

Batch changing Google Sheet cell background colours with Google Apps Script

At ALT we use Google Sheets as an easy way to share and collaborate on draft event timetables. Recent examples are the ALT Annual Conference 2014  and the OER15 timetables. One of the reasons for publishing draft timetables using Google Sheets is  we can get a static url for people to download it as PDFs […]

Generate a PDF (csv/xlsx/ods) download/publish to the web link for new Google Sheets

Basic little Google Sheet template for generating download links of new Google Sheets in different formats including pdf, csv and xlsx

Creating a Twitter Question/Revision Bot using Google Sheets

My old colleague at Cetis, David Sherlock, posted a nice little  ‘Twitter Question/Revision Bot’. This uses a .csv file of questions and multiple choice answers which get randomly tweeted out using a Python script. David designed the project with a Raspberry Pi in mind but also highlights it can be easily run on any Unix […]

Dynamically remove Google Form options after they have been selected by someone or reach defined limits

You can imagine the scenario, you’ve got a Google Form perhaps setup as a booking form and a select option for picking timeslots. As the slots fill up you’d like the option to be removed. I was surprised not to find an example of this so here is a rough sketch of some code that might do the job

Allow anyone to add videos to a YouTube playlist from a Google Form using Google Apps Script

A quick example of how you can use Google Apps Script to automatically allow anyone to add YouTube videos to one of your playlists

Converting .csv or Google Sheets into Wikipedia tables

You’ll find lots of blog posts explaining how to do this the other way, converting a table from Wikipedia into a spreadsheet. This post looks at taking a .csv or a spreadsheet and formatting it as a Wikipedia table.

TwtrService Example: EasyTweetSheet (lets you send tweets from Google Sheet)

Very basic Google Sheet template to let you draft tweets which are published to Twitter when you click a link.

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