Hosting your own Google Reader themed RSS aggregator with TT-RSS and G2TT

Yep if you can’t replace Google Reader then the best solution for me is to recreate it and fortunately with a bit of server space, TT-RSS and a Google Reader inspired theme so can you

Making Google Reader Mobile sing using your Gmail inbox for personal productivity to save bookmarks and tweet links

In this post I introduce a little Google Apps Script producivity tool that lets me send tweets and save bookmarks to Delicious and Diigo from Google Reader Mobile

Using Google Reader to create a searchable archive of Twitter mentions

My solution for extracting site activity data from Delicious isn’t going so well (their API is letting me down). Instead I thought I’d share how I use Google Reader to create a searchable archive of Twitter mentions. It’s not particularly a new trick and you’ll find a number of similar how-to’s so this post is […]

I’ve fallen out with Google Reader, we’re on a trail separation (I’m having a fling with Tiny Tiny RSS)

Back in July I started drafting a post about how I use Google Reader as part of my workflow as a RSC e-Learning Advisor. Those days are behind me but I still like to keep up to date with what’s going and highlight stories that I find interesting and others in my network might like too. […]

How to from Google Reader (2 ways)

I’ve avoided the whole Twitter newspaper type services like Times and when I see one published in my timeline the only time I click through to see what’s in it is when I’m mentioned as a source. So yesterday when I saw Brian Kelly was suggesting to his colleagues to look at the one […]

Google Reader: Follow Changes to any Website

Reader is Google’s web-based service which allows to view the latest updates to your favourite news or blog sites in one place. Traditionally services and desktop applications like Google Reader have relied on RSS feeds (RSS in plain English – Commoncraft) to detect new information. This technology works very well but not all websites publish […]

Festive fun: Auto tweeting your Google Reader shared items using Yahoo Pipes and twitterfeed

Using the festive period to stray slightly away from my core remit I thought I would document a little mashup which allows you to automatically tweet items you share in Google Reader. Background I’m a big fan of Google Reader and its the main way I consume RSS feeds (unsure about RSS? Here it is […]