ALT Annual Conference 2018: Celebrating 25 years of new connections in knowledge and friendship #altc

Next month it will be the 25th Association for Learning Technology Annual Conference. As a member of the ALT staff team I’ve attend the conference every year from 2013. My first Annual Conference was in 2009 and is memorable for a number of reasons. At the time I was working for the Jisc RSC Scotland North & East and in part supporting the development of EduApps, a collection of portable assistive software applications that could be run from a USB pendrive (you can read more about this project in an article on EduApps for the ALT Online Newsletter). We received funding that year from Jisc to distribute a copy of EduApps to all ALT-C 2009 delegates. As part of that I was able to experience the Annual Conference as a presenter and delegate. I remember being in awe seeing many of the names I knew in the edtech community walking the corridors of Manchester. As it turned out the session that I most remember was by someone I never knew about before the conference. The session was by Joss Winn on ‘WordPress Multi-User: BuddyPress and Beyond’. I didn’t know Joss before attending the conference but remember being impressed by his depth of knowledge, openness and willingness to share his expertise. Over the years since 2009 I’ve continued to follow Joss’ work and his original conference presentation continues to influence my own interests … not least the ALT conference system I support and develop uses BuddyPress.
So the ALT Annual Conferences, like hopefully all ALT events, is an opportunity to make new connections in knowledge and friendship.