Join us to find out about analytics in Google Add-ons and the new Google App Maker 16 Dec @ 3pm GMT

Back in June 2016 a couple of us in the Google Apps Script community have been putting on a monthly gathering. We are now going into our sixth episode of ‘Totally Unscripted’ which you can join on Friday 16 December at 3pm GMT.

Join us for our next instalment of Totally Unscripted. In this show our regular team is joined by Google Apps Script Experts +Romain Vialard and +James Ferreira. Romain is author of a number of Google Add-ons including Yet Another Mail Merge which one of the most popular in the store . Romain will explain how he integrates Google Analytics into his add-ons to monitor performance and help develop them. James is author of the first book on Google Apps Script and has presented at Google I/O. James is now CEO at Ignite Synergy, who were a launch partner for the new Google App Maker and creator of will give an overview of this exciting new product. We’ll also be picking up on recent news and questions.

To follow this episode watch on YouTube.

Side note – I’ve recently used Totally Unscripted to dog food the new Google Sites. This mainly came out of a request to have a place for show notes. You can see how it looks at There’s plenty of reviews of the new version of Google Sites so I’ll spare you my detailed thoughts. In brief it seems Google have gone for the minimal viable product. Whether features will come following user demand is yet to be seen, it’s early days. Top on my personal list is a way to enable page templating and hacking the source either with custom Javascript or embedding Google Apps Script web apps.