Need a better Twitter Archiving Google Sheet? TAGS v6.0 is here!


Amazing to think TAGS has been going for over 4 years now. Version 6 is a major code rewrite and the most important new feature is a better setup processes. No more digging into the script editor to run functions, no more entering your Twitter API key and secret each time you create a new archive. Both these things are history thanks to some base code released by Arun Nagarajan at Google. Now you enter/register for a Twitter API key and secret once and each copy of TAGS you make will remember these. This is made possible by incorporating this functionality as a custom Apps Script library I’ve called TwtrService. TwtrService makes it easy to make calls to all of Twitter’s API and I’ll be explaining how it works in another post.

Version 6 comes with some other new features. The one that was most requested was archiving favourited tweets. There was a quick hack version of TAGS that did this but was limited to the last 200. Now when you setup a favourite archive you can get up to the last 3,000 favourited tweets. Another option with TAGS v6.0 is to use Google’s new version of Sheets. This gives TAGS more capacity and performance. One issue however with new Sheets is it isn’t very stable with the Google Visualisation API which is used in TAGSExplorer.

With TAGS v6.0 I’ve also created a dedicated support site. So if you have any questions or need help head over to where you can also get the latest version of TAGS.


  1. Thanks as ever, Martin.

  2. Purest awesomesauce as ever. I’ll look forward to switching over my EDC MOOC archive soon.

  3. GREAT JOB and thanks so much Martin!…
    ….but I however have a question ;)!!
    How can I import the archive in Nodexl or Gephi, if I can’t be able to reconstruct the edge.I’ll explain: In the archive I have “from user” but I’m not able to obtain “to_user” (mention, reply and/or RT)??

    Thanks in advance for your reply

    1. Hi – old recipe here TAGSExplorer also has a hidden url which gives basic edge output. If you File > Publish to web and fire up TAGSExplorer with your data add &output=true to the url (you can also choose to include mentions and retweets in the edge data) e.g.

      1. Hi Martin, thanks for reply! I try your solution, I think is the same by clicking the lower left links on the page in correspondence of mentions and RT. And I love the result!
        Do you think is possible to export these graph (including the edge) in a gephi/nodexl/xls format in order to import it in these SW and having some calculations?
        many TKS

        1. the &output=true to popup a window with data you can save as a .csv. From this you can import to Gephi (if there is no popup check your browser isn’t blocking it)

          1. …and the last think…the pop-up contains the edge in temporal order? that can I simply copy the tweets to other column to have source target type and text of tweet (in order to calculate the ordinary metrics like tag words cloud, hashtag used and go on)?


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