[Event] Learning Analytics Summer Institute: LASI-UK, Informatics Forum, Edinburgh, 5th July #lasiuk

Jisc CETIS in partnership with the Open University in Scotland and the University of Edinburgh School of Informatics will be hosting a one day event on the 5th July in the Informatics Forum (Edinburgh) focusing on Learning Analytics.

What I’ve starred this month: May 28, 2013

Here’s some posts which have caught my attention this month: Learning analytics for open and distance education | Learning together online – May 24, 2013 Notes on Narrative Science and Automated Insights | OUseful.Info, the blog… – May 22, 2013 The last ever MOOCshow #openandonline » FOLLOWERS OF THE APOCALYPSE – May 20, 2013 scienceoftheinvisible.blogspot.com […]

Creating a ‘full fat’ RSS feed for Google Gmail labels (enabling some dark social judo)

In this post I want to cover three things. First I want to introduce a little app I’ve developed which allows you to create a RSS feed for any of your Gmail labels (with the option to remove certain links – useful if you don’t want others unsubscribing you from mailing lists). Secondly I explain how it was made and how you can use it yourself. Finally I want to discuss how this could be used in an open course environment, utilising the vast processing power from services like Twitter and reusing there target marketing emails to your benefit with a bit of ‘dark social judo’

Playing with Google Docs sidebar using Google Apps Script

The Google Apps Script team have recently announced a host of new features. The three that caught my eye were: Script editor added to Google Docs and Forms Addition of the Forms Service which lets you programmatically manipulate forms Extending Google Docs functionality using Custom menus and user interfaces including creating custom sidebars The last […]

Are you being asked in include Learning Analytics in your Teaching and Learning Strategy? Some resources to help

Learning Analytics appears to be increasingly an emerging area of interest for institutions and I’m aware of a number of staff being asked to contribute on this area in their teaching and learning strategies. I thought it would be useful to spotlight some resources produced by Cetis and Jisc in this area that might help.

Punchcard charts in Google Sheets/Spreadsheets (querying Google’s plan to drop gadgets)

Quick look at generating a punchart chart in Google Spreadsheets. The data shaping is straight forward but limited chart options give questionable results

Opening the intercom with your open course participants: Tracking and engaging students

A quick look at how the intercom customer relationship management tool might fit into open online courses (MOOCs)

Webinar: Overview of cMOOC platform trends and creating your own open online course using WordPress 15th May 16:30BST

As part of ocTEL on the 15th May at 16:30BST (check in your own timezone) I’ll be doing a webinar on platforms for Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), in particular focusing on some of the connectivist style recipes I’m aware of. As part of this I’ll be taking participants behind the scenes of the ocTEL […]

Tapping the rhizomes of dotlife: Creating an RSS search feed for Scoop.it posts

Ready for a ramble? In this post I take you on a journey from my dotbirth, RSS feeds, Chrome Apps, touching upon how I created an RSS feed for Scoopit searches, before kicking the ‘Tin Can’

Dashboarding your WordPress bbPress forums to gain quick top level insight

The term ‘dashboard’ currently seems to have a similar effect to marmite, you either love it or hate it. In this post I show how you can create an activity data endpoint for bbPress forums which can be dashboarded in Google Spreadsheets

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