Discovering TEL-Map Mediabase: Anyone else thinking cMOOC infrastructure?

Discovering TEL-Map Mediabase

Twitter hasn’t completely abolished 3rd party clients just yet. The text is the red circle is generated from the details a users/company submits when they create an application that uses the Twitter API. As part of the registration the user has to provide a url for the application. In this example ‘TEL-Map Mediabase’ redirects to Learning Frontiers, which is powered by Tel-Map. I should probably know more about TEL-Map because one of the partners is CETIS (before my time). 

But what about ‘Mediabase’. Well a search of ‘TEL-Map Mediabase’ returns the page ‘MediaBase – Collecting, Analysing and Visualizing Large Collections of Social Software Artifacts’ which contains the presentation by Ralf Klamma.

So you basically have a system that can crawl and analysis predefined source feeds, analyse the collected data and either manual or automatically tag links, which can be pushed to a portal or tweeted from the system (and much more). Anyone else thinking cMOOC infrastructure?

[If the system is as good as I think it is I’m expecting another tweet from TEL-Map Mediabase]