Stocking Filler: The EduApps Top 3

Stuck at home waiting for my car’s snow socks to arrive I thought it useful to remind you of one of RSC Scotland North & East’s stocking fillers, EduApps.
Our RSC has been plugging open source and freeware for ages. Why? Because it has enormous (and still largely untapped) potential in education. Who else says so? You do! Thousands of people have downloaded zillions of poundsworths of applications from our servers. What do YOU say are the most popular in education? Here we present YOUR top three, ranked by popularity through our server requests:

  • At number 3, Audacity hardly needs any introduction: it is one of the most popular open source programs in the whole world, with 72 million downloads registered across the planet (Wikipedia, today). Audacity handles your digital audio recording and editing requirements.
  • Taking the number 2 slot is Balabolka. In Russian, this word means ‘chatterer’. In software, it describes a great free text to speech utility with several neat and customisable features.
  • And at the very top of the tree is XMind, a mind-mapping tool which helps people capture ideas and share them for collaboration.  Perfect for education.

EduApps: just use it, give it, share it – all for free.