[Events] Developing a High Quality and Inclusive Learning Experience for All Students

The following text arrived in my in box from the ‘Embedding equality and diversity in the curriculum mailing list’ (here’s more info on the project and how to subscribe to mailings) and I thought it was worth sharing. Please note “places are limited to three people from each institution and the workshops are only open […]

Stocking Filler: The EduApps Top 3

Stuck at home waiting for my car’s snow socks to arrive I thought it useful to remind you of one of RSC Scotland North & East’s stocking fillers, EduApps. Our RSC has been plugging open source and freeware for ages. Why? Because it has enormous (and still largely untapped) potential in education. Who else says […]

Create&Convert: Can you afford to ignore this?

A recent article in Fortune highlights ‘How corporate America went open-source’ which in turn highlights: A Forrester Research survey of the business landscape in the third quarter of last year found that 48% of respondents were using open source operating systems, and 57% were using open source code In reality the level of open source […]

Android Mobile OS: Pandora’s box of accessibility opportunities

[flickr]3656288435[/flickr] [Update (21/10/09): Google have recently announced  more accessibility features in Android 1.6] At the RSC we were fortunate to get our hands on one of the latest Android mobile phones, the HTC Hero. For the uninitiated Android is a Open Source mobile operating system originally developed by Google, but now maintained by the Open […]

AccessApps – Portable assistive software

Portable software is class of software which can be entirely run from a portable storage device (e.g. USB pen/thumb drive, memory card, mp3 player) without the need for installation or configuration on the computer being used. There is a long list of software which can be used in this portable way encompassing the entire spectrum […]