RSC-MP3: HE Update Feb 2010

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“Technological convergence – changing the way we create, consume, learn and interact with each other”

This month Martin responds to a listener request and discusses Google’s latest social feature Buzz. Buzz has been designed to make sharing easier, linking to Google other services including YouTube and Reader as well as third party networks like Twitter and Facebook. We conclude that whilst Buzz is currently of limited benefit to the majority of educationalists it is another example of how the interlinking of separate communication and media streams has the potential to benefit formal and informal learning, technological convergence ‘changing the way we create, consume, learn and interact with each other’. An example of this convergence is outlined in Martin’s recent work which allows twitter discussions made during television broadcasts to be replayed as subtitles in BBC iPlayer downloads.
Aspects of ‘convergence’ are further highlighted by Kevin has he discusses his months blog posts which includes his reflections on the recent Learning Technologies Conference and the JISC Business and Community Engagement programme. In particular Kevin highlights the growing importance of both informal and “rapid e-learning”, discussing some of the tools which can be used to facilitate and measure its impact as well as highlighting some effective practice case studies.
Kevin also highlights JISC’s Business and Community Engagement programme which is “designed to support institutions in their strategic management of relationships … in order to deliver services which benefit the economy and society”. This programme is a response to the Governments desire to enhance knowledge transfer/exchange and Kevin discusses some examples of this happening locally in the West Midlands and nationally. This also links to Kevin’s interview with Ian Hart who is Head of Schools and Colleges Partnerships at University of Wolverhampton. Click here for the interview with Ian Hart.
HE Update February 2010
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