RSC-MP3: HE Update Feb 2010: Interview with Ian Hart

JISC RSC-MP3 LogoThis month Kevin interviewed Ian Hart, the Director of Schools and Colleges Partnerships for the University of Wolverhampton. This role has enabled Ian to set up a number of collaborative partnerships across the area to enable effective networking of teaching professionals. These collaborative partnerships are enhancing the design and delivery of common courses and staff CPD programmes, etc, across local HE in FE networks. The net result is improvements in operational efficiencies, sharing of knowledge and leaner working practices. These local communities of practice are proving that true collaborative working is yielding very positive results, under current economic strains. Ian also makes comments about how networked e-portfolio software is being used as a conduit to further enhance collaborative and teaching practices across education sectors local to Wolverhampton.
Interview with Ian Hart
Part 1

Duration:  34 minutes
Size: 24MB
Part 2

Duration:  18 minutes
Size: 13MB
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Summary Part 1
01:00 – Ian introduces himself and the liaison department he is Director of. Liason with HE in FE and schools, and role within area
02:40 – How they interpret requirements from HEFCE for HEinFE. Close co-operation with local HE co-ordinators. Importance of widening participation and ensuring standards are maintained from partner colleges and an integrated approach to the curriculum.
11:00 – How lifelong learning networks will be sustained. Whilst scheduled to be phased out looking at what they can do to safeguard. For example, could they be turned into member organisations or become more commercial. Also what can be sustained with no cost such as progression agreements used by feeder colleges. Use of strong and weak progression agreements. Strong agreements having a guaranteed route into HE.
16:50 – Ian gives more background around how and why strong progression agreements are used. Making students aware of the link between the course they are on at college and the related university course they may end up on.
21:40 – Aimhigher Learning Pathways System (ALPS) database of progression courses for the West Midlands
26:40 – University of Wolverhampton Collaborative Achievement Network (UWCAN) -pulled resources for staff development making it freely available to partner college staff
31:00 – IQER strategy support to partner colleges
Summary Part 2
00:15 – Collaborative provision and strong work partnerships. Reducing costs with a collective approach.
05:20 – Need to work more with employers to maximise impact. Shared and flexible approaches, which might include bite sized learning. Intelligent Career Development approach.
09:00 – Uses of technology to enhance progression include the use of WOLF (VLE), and the PebblePad e-portfolio system being used at college and school level. Supports communication as part of the learning process, removing the boundaries of physical space and time. Enhancing communication and understanding.
Intro/Outro music: 1-2-3-4 from stream of unconsciousness by Jeremy B. Northup