Oddments from RSC NewsFeed

NewsFeed Cover While toiling to polish off the Google Wave 101 post a call went up in the office for contributions to RSC NewsFeed. In no time I had managed to put together 5 posts.

There isn’t really a common thread to pull them together so below is the title and short synopsis:

  • Automatic Captions in YouTube – This post relates to Google’s announcement that YouTube will begin to use voice recognition software to automatically add captions to videos, which also back videos a lot more searchable. 
  • 50 Educational Apps for the iPod Touch – A link to a great list of educational applications for the iPod Touch (mainly schools focused but there is something for everyone).
  • PowerPoint: Embedding YouTube Video – A nice ‘how-to’ by David Hopkins on embedding live YouTube videos in PowerPoint.
  • Edinburgh College of Art Launches its ‘Vision’ of Academic Research – Wow! When art colleges produce a publication, they really produce a publication. This 184 page publication is designed to showcase some of Edinburgh College of Art’s best research.
  • Hotseat: Any Mobile Will Do – This post highlights the work of Purdue University in developing a micro-in/out-of-class discussion tool which enables lectures to use multiple social networking sites to facilitate discussions.