Optivote for Moodle Partnership Programme: Get £3,000 Worth of Electronic Voting Kit and Support

Electronic voting (clickers) in the classroom have been used to engage students in learning for a number of years. As well as potentially being a fun way to learn there are great opportunities for tutors to identify misconceptions in knowledge and ‘close the gap’.  However, one issue with many voting systems is that results often […]

Moodle Wave: Embedding Google Wave into Moodle

I’ve previously given instructions for Embedding Google Wave into Blackboard, for you Moodlers out there the process is practically identical: In your Wave Preview account add [email protected] Create a new wave with Embeddy as a participant Embeddy will generate two pieces of code for you to copy to notepad (see screenshot-1) Screenshot-1: Output from Embeddy […]

Black Wave 2: Blackboard Wave Integration!

Yesterday I showed you how you could embed Google Wave into Blackboard. At the time I tweeted this as “Google Wave embedded into Blackboard WebCT. A world 1st? http://twitgoo.com/4p068” (the tweet). Turns out I might have not been the first to do this as George Kroner showcased a Blackboard Wave integration at EDUCAUSE09. His example […]

Black Wave: Embedding Google Wave (etherpad and mindmeister) into Blackboard

There was a lot of talk at ALT-C this year about whether the VLE was dead. My personal view is divided. One one hand I can see the important role VLEs play in quality assurance. They are a controlled environment where the institution can validate learning, storing copies of work and making them available for […]

Moodle Cool Course Competition

Moodle.org are looking for entries to this year’s Cool Course Competition. The competition has five categories including: best application of Moodle activities; best use of media; and examples from tertiary education. Entry is open until 19th December 2009 and there are various prizes to be won. Click her to visit The Cool Course Competition for […]