50 Educational Apps for the iPod Touch

Technology regularly features in the majority of reports looking at how education will evolve. Come the new year, I’m sure many students will have ‘shiny’ new gadgets in their pockets. Long gone are the days when your MP3 player just played music or your phone just made calls.
A case in point is the iPod Touch. This product can trace it routes to the dedicated portable media player, iPod Classic, launched in 2001, but now the Touch can do so much more. To see how much more, ‘U Tech Tips’ have compiled a list of  50 Educational Apps for the iPod Touch. There are a wide range of applications from Spanish tutors, to math quizzes and more, the majority of which are free.
This list is a tantalising glimpse of what’s possible on mobile devices, and potentially a great supplemental resource for students, but with so many different platforms will there ever be mainstream use of mobiles in education? The answer might be in Hotseat: Any mobile will do