HE oddments from RSC NewsFeed

RSC NewsFeed Tabbloid Edition Cover The RSCs in Scotland publish a fortnightly electronic newsletter, RSC NewsFeed, to keep the FE and HE community informed about the latest ICT-related news, events and resources.

Our editor, Hugh Daily, does a stirling job in rallying us all to make contributions. For the edition published however Hugh was away so I made a concerted effort to make sure there was enough ‘in the store’. This resulted in a record breaking 8 post from your truly (my posts are here).      

A couple of these posts are very pertinent to HE so I would like to repost them here:

First I would like to highlight the work of Alistair Young, Senior Software Developer at UHI, who won a prize in JISC MOSAIC Developer Competition.

Alistair’s prize winning iLib, the Course Book Finder perhaps highlights how roles within institutions are becoming increasingly blurred. In my own work as a learning technologist I’m finding more need to understand computer programming and server architecture. This may also be evident in another post from this week highlighting that St George’s University London have won this years JISC Times Higher Education award for their virtual paramedic training in Second Life. Having had an insight into this project it is clear that the team have had to be multi-disciplined and multi-skilled. 

The final post I would like to highlight is on the International University of the People. This is a project which is exploring low-cost higher education achievable by using online communities to support learning. Cost is obviously a big talking point now particularly with the looming New Framework for universities.