Green IT – Tips for Using Less Paper and Toner (the one stop stop for all that is cool, free and useful on the web) have pulled together some free resources and tips for printing less. As well as some advice on settings you might tweak on your printer and applications like Word, they also have some ‘cool’ resources you can use to make the print consumables you have got stretch a bit further include:

  • ecofont – this  is an eco-friendly font for PC, Mac and Linux which reportedly saves up to 20% of toner compared to standard fonts.
  • – this is a free online editor which allows you to format any web page to optimise it for printing by removing unwanted ads, improving layout etc.
  • GreenPrint – available for PC and Mac this downloadable software analysis your print job and highlights/removes unwanted pages, creates an alternative PDF version if required and tracks pages/money saved.

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