Google Gaudi – Audio Indexing of Video

We’ve seen a huge increase in the amount of audio and video being integrated into e-learning. Sites like TeacherTube make it very easy to upload custom content or reuse existing material created by others. An issue with this type of media is how do you sift through all the junk to find the content you want? Tagging helps to a degree but you are reliant on the individual attaching the right data and what if the content you are interested in is a 30 second clip in a 10 minute video? Google think they have solved this problem with their Gaudi audio indexing and search service.
Gaudi is designed to search through clips, initially  on YouTube, and automatically catalogue spoken words into a text transcript. This index will not only be searchable but users will also be able to jump to parts of the original video where the words were uttered. So far this new tool will only be used to index political speeches in the current American Presidential election (groan), but hopefully it will be unleashed to index all of YouTube, Google Video and beyond. You can try out the new service at