Punchcard charts in Google Sheets/Spreadsheets (querying Google’s plan to drop gadgets)

Quick look at generating a punchart chart in Google Spreadsheets. The data shaping is straight forward but limited chart options give questionable results

Mozilla Open Badges Issuer Gadget for Google Sites (and issuing Badges using a Google Spreadsheet)

Want to issue badges in Google Sites? That was the challenge I set myself. My solution is the Open Badges Issuer Gadget for Google Sites. This post outlines my solution and even lets you recieve a badge issued via a Google Form.

Ultra mobile, ultra cheap – Netbooks

I’m returning to university and wonder if you could recommend a gadget for note taking? I’d like to use my MacBook – typing would be easier than writing – but I’m not sure it would be practical. Is there a device designed for note taking? Guardian Gadget Clinic, 23rd August 2008 This question appeared in […]

250 OpenCourseWare (OCW) and Open Educational Resources (OER) sites searched from 1 page

I came across this post by Zaid Ali Alsagoff the other day. Basically Zaid has compiled a list of almost 250 repositories containing free OpenCourseWare and Open Educational Resources. The list is billed as being for higher education including OCWs from MIT and OU’s OpenLearn, but there are plenty of resources which would be suitable […]

Generating charts from accessible data tables using the Google Charts API

Browsers Browser Percent Firefox 60 MSIE 25 Opera 10 Safari 5 I was recently looking for an accessible way to generate chart data when I came across Chris Heilmann example for Generating charts from accessible data tables and vice versa using the Google Charts API. One of the limitations of Chris’s solution was it only […]