[Repost] Where are you?

This post originally appeared in the ocTEL Course Blog on 15th May 2014 – Where are you? There seems to be a natural human instinct to try and understand our location. It perhaps stems from our origins as hunter gatherers where at the end of the day  we need to get back to somewhere safe. Understanding […]

How to streaming Blackboard Collaborate (or your desktop) to YouTube

Notes on how to stream Blackboard Collaborate (or any other windows desktop application) directly to YouTube as a live event using the Open Broadcaster Software

ALT Innovates: A BadgeOS WordPress plugin add-on to host and issue Mozilla Open Badges

ALT’s Open Course in Technology Enhanced Learning (ocTEL) is entering it’s final week. As part of this our effort to award digital badges has been well received by participants. One request we received was to turn our site specific digital badges into Open Badges. To achieve this we’ve developed a add-on to the existing BadgeOS plugin which will turn your WordPress powered site into a Open Badges issuer.

Setup tweaks for using the BadgeOS WordPress plugin in #ocTEL

A repost from the ocTEL course blog outlining the way we setup the BadgeOS plugin for WordPress to issue badges as part of the course. This post follows on from an earlier post, ‘ocTEL and the Open Badges Assertion’, which highlights some progress towards directly issuing Open Badges using BadgeOS … more to follow on this development.

Developing ALT’s open course platform for ocTEL

This was a post I prepared for another site. It got lost in the pending queue so is out of date (you can still register for ocTEL until the end of June), but I thought worth capturing this post here for future reference.

Using WordPress to support open courses: Geekout with Alan Levine, Tom Woodward and Boone

A good old fashioned edtech geekout with myself, Alan Levine, Tom Woodward, and latterly joined by Boone talking about the use of WordPress to support open courses

Tapping the rhizomes of open learning with FeedWordPress, (your personal analytical de-cloaking device)

This post explores the effectiveness of the FeedWordPress plugin as used with the ocTEL connectivist mooc to address the issue of analytically cloaked participant contributions

Opening the intercom with your open course participants: Tracking and engaging students

A quick look at how the intercom customer relationship management tool might fit into open online courses (MOOCs)

Webinar: Overview of cMOOC platform trends and creating your own open online course using WordPress 15th May 16:30BST

As part of ocTEL on the 15th May at 16:30BST (check in your own timezone) I’ll be doing a webinar on platforms for Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), in particular focusing on some of the connectivist style recipes I’m aware of. As part of this I’ll be taking participants behind the scenes of the ocTEL […]

Tapping the rhizomes of dotlife: Creating an RSS search feed for Scoop.it posts

Ready for a ramble? In this post I take you on a journey from my dotbirth, RSS feeds, Chrome Apps, touching upon how I created an RSS feed for Scoopit searches, before kicking the ‘Tin Can’

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