Getting Inspired by IWMW (see you at #iwmw16)

This is a repost of a guest post I wrote for the Institutional Web Management Workshop (IWMW) event. Original post is here and thanks to Brian Kelly for edits. The first IWMW I remember was 2008 not that I was there but as I’d just taken up a role as e-Learning Advisor at the Jisc […]

Something about the value of your institutions website (and how you might improve it)

The image above from webcomic was doing the rounds on Friday. I’m sure you recognise parts of your institution’s own website in this diagram, in particular I usually find more joy in finding faculty members phone/email addresses on Google rather than on the official site. A couple of tools which sprung to mind when […]

97%* of desktop web browsers can now enjoy iTitle Twitter Subtitling – Vimeo edition

[flickr]4619831939[/flickr] Having spent a couple of nights crunching code it’s time to catch up with some paperwork. Since writing about the iTitle updates in Twitter subtitling, the three E’s: Embed, embed, embed Brian Kelly has followed up with a couple of posts (Captioned Videos of IWMW 2010 Talks and Twitter Captioned Videos Gets Even Better) […]

Twitter subtitling, the three E’s: Embed, embed, embed

A conversation with Brian Kelly led to a quick refresh of the Twitter Subtitle Generator (iTitle) [I’ve got tired of linking to all of mine and Tony’s previous posts on this so started the Twitter subtitling wikipedia entry]. Brian was interested in using iTitle to create twitter captioned versions of videos from IWMW10. Their plan […]