AccessApps – Portable assistive software

Portable software is class of software which can be entirely run from a portable storage device (e.g. USB pen/thumb drive, memory card, mp3 player) without the need for installation or configuration on the computer being used. There is a long list of software which can be used in this portable way encompassing the entire spectrum […]

Scottish Higher Education: Probably the best higher education in the world?

Yesterday saw the the publication of the first interim report from the Joint Future Thinking Taskforce on Universities on ‘New Horizons: responding to the challenges of the 21st century’. Various papers comment on the potential implications of this report for Scotland’s universities funding (see ‘Related Google News Feed’ for examples). As well as outlining a […]

Generating charts from accessible data tables using the Google Charts API

Browsers Browser Percent Firefox 60 MSIE 25 Opera 10 Safari 5 I was recently looking for an accessible way to generate chart data when I came across Chris Heilmann example for Generating charts from accessible data tables and vice versa using the Google Charts API. One of the limitations of Chris’s solution was it only […]

JISC infoNet Learning Space Design Photostream

The JISC infoNet: Learning Space Design – infoKit has been available for some time. A resource related to this that I’ve only recently discovered is their Photostream on Flickr. The JISC infoNet team have spent a lot of time categorising and annotating photos of new learning spaces, mainly from the UK (FE and HE). There […]

Call for papers: SFEU Next Practice and Innovation Conference 2008

A call for papers has been issued for SFEU’s ‘Next Practice and Innovation Conference’ to held on the 25th November 2008. The overall theme of the conference is to share and disseminate innovative and next practice to a wide audience of college staff and sector stakeholders. The main themes for papers and posters are ICT, […]

Becta – Handheld Learning Conference 2008

The Becta supported Handheld Learning Conference 2008 runs this year from Oct 13th-15th in London. Potentially an interesting line-up of speakers, including David Cavallo MIT Media Lab and SL theorist danah boyd, plus the usual suspects (Stephen Heppell and Mike Sharples). LTS will also be flying the flag with ‘Spotlight Scotland’, showcasing best practice from […]

A morning’s learning: Google Alert -> EdTechie -> [HE2.0 -> SocialLearn] & [Ads fund HE -> Visual Gadgets]

Jan 18 / IMG_6351 Originally uploaded by tavopp As I start to write this it is now 9.05am and I’ve been in work since 8.10am. After 10 minutes tidying paper away and trying to get my laptop to dock properly a couple of notifications came in from my Gmail account. Since starting at the RSC […]

University lectures on iTunes

“Studying for class” Originally uploaded by jakebouma Last week the BBC reported that the University College London, the Open University and Trinity College Dublin are putting lectures onto ‘iTunes U’. Course material on iTunes isn’t new and in March Brain Kelly (UK Web Focus) highlighted that one of the UKs ‘Top of the Pods, Podpickers’ […]

21st centrury lecturer – more admin than teaching

21st centrury lecturer – more admin than teaching Originally uploaded by m.hawksey “Dealing with 100-250 emails a week, spending over half your time on administration, coping with rising seminar and lecture sizes, but spending less time with students.” UCU 2008 These are the findings of a recent UCU survey of 321 higher education lecturers. The […]

New RSC N&E Scotland Blog – MASHe

RSC Scotland N&E have launched a new blog, “MASHe“, which will focus on highlighting news, events and resources related to higher education (including HE in FE). Recent posts include a reflection on the recent Sunday Times article ‘Scots universities skew policy to aid poor’, which questions whether universities are engaged in underhand tactics to positively […]

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