Hello SEO: Where worlds collide

Something I’m increasingly become aware of is SEO is not just about having the right metadata on your webpage, in fact arguably this is the least important aspect. The area I’m particularly interested in is the tools/techniques the SEO community use to gain ‘actionable insight’. In this post I highlight how some of my tools have made it into the SEO community and why this area should be on your radar.

Twitter throws a bone: Increased hits and metadata in Twitter Search API 1.1

Twitter has recently frustrated a number of developers and mashup artists moving to tighter restrictions on it’s latest API. Top of the list for many are all Twitter Search API requests need to be authenticated (you can’t just grab and run, a request has to be via a Twitter account), removal of XML/Atom feeds and […]

#LAK13: Recipes in capturing and analyzing data – Google Groups Dashboard using Yahoo Pipes (no code)

As part of LAK13 I’ve highlighted a couple of ways to extract data from Canvas. Prompted by a question by On and my colleague Sheila MacNeill I wanted to show you a way of getting feed data into a spreadsheet without using any code. The solution is to use Yahoo Pipes, but as this post will highlight this isn’t entirely straight forward and you need to be aware of several tricks to get the job done.

#LAK13: Recipes in capturing and analyzing data – Twitter

I’m enrolled on the Learning Analytics and Knowledge (LAK13) which is an open online course introducing data and analytics in learning. As part of my personal assignment I thought it would be useful to share some of the data collection and analysis techniques I use for similar courses and take the opportunity to extend some of these. […]

Twitter Archiving Google Spreadsheet TAGS v5

For a couple of years I’ve been sharing a Google Sheet template for archiving searches from Twitter. In September 2012 Twitter announced the release of a new version of their API (the spreadsheet uses this to request data from Twitter). Around the same time Twitter also announced that the old version of their API would be switched off in March 2013. So here is a new version…

Academic Activity Streams: A look at Diigo Groups ‘Popular’ resources (and adding social share counts to feeds using Yahoo Pipes)

Some notes on University of Phoenix’s recent ‘academic activity streams’ and some existing examples of ranked lists based on user events and some fumblings around using Yahoo Pipes to add social share counts to feeds.

Keep your Twitter Archive fresh on Google Drive using a bit of Google Apps Script

A soon as you download your Twitter Archive it immediately becomes stale. To save having to request fresh copies this post shows you how you can not only keep your archive fresh on Google Drive but also share it to the world.

Backup Twitter Status Updates to a Google Spreadsheet

It looks like Twitter are finally rolling out the option to download all your tweets. If you are still itching to get your data this Google Spreadsheet template should help.

Twitter provides proof of real-time engagement with the public: How to record it as evidence

Increasing staff are required to provide evidence of the impact of their research. Twitter can be a useful channel to track reaction, but do you have a strategy for recording this evidence. I provide some suggestions

Guest Post for Big Data Week #bdw13: Getting Creative with Big Data and Google Apps

I was recently asked to write a guest post for Big Data Week on using Google Apps as an interface for Big Data. For the post I decided to revisit an old recipe which uses Google Sheets (Spreadsheets) and Google Apps Script to interface the Twitter and Google Analytics API

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