WordPress Stats in R: Generating postview sparklines using SparkTable

After posting Analysing WordPress post velocity and momentum stats with Google Sheets (Spreadsheet) Tony quickly came back with WordPress Stats in R, which includes a handy custom function for querying the WordPress Stats API. Something I wanted to do in my original post was to generate sparklines for post activity. I wasn’t able to find […]

Coursera #compdata week 1: Reflections and playing with reading/subsetting data in R with data from NodeXL

You’ll not find a more mixed blog post: childhood memories; reflections on introductory R coursera course; and reading/subsetting data from NodeXL

Visual Analytics: Comparison of @SCOREProject and @UKOER (and template for making your own)

Lou McGill from the JISC/HEA OER Programme Synthesis and Evaluation team recently contacted me as part of the OER Review asking if there was a way to analyse and visualise the Twitter followers of @SCOREProject and @ukoer. Having recently extracted data for the @jisccetis network of accounts I knew it was easy to get the […]

Integrating Google Spreadsheet/Apps Script with R: Enabling social network analysis in TAGS

Increasingly I find myself creating Twitter hashtag archives using my TAGS Google Spreadsheet template as a means to identify who in that community has the most influence and ultimately use this intelligence to target people that might be able to help me disseminate my work. Marc Smith at the Social Media Research Foundation has a […]