10 Sources of Educational Science Games from Free Technology for Teachers

I’ve only recently discovered the Free Technology for Teachers blog and with over 100 posts a month, it’s a rich resource for educators looking for teaching material. Although it is aimed at primary and secondary education there are some very useful resources for colleges. A recent post which caught my eye was 10 Sources of […]

Educational Firefox Extensions – Juice

One of the great features of open source software is the potential for the wider community to start rapidly developing and integrating new features, in many ways utilising the power of the crowd. The web browser Firefox is a great example. Its origins lie in the developers frustrations of developer driven feature creep. Creating an […]

Feeling Nostalgic: The Gallery of Historical IT Hardware

Man with IBM 5100 Portable Computer Originally uploaded by stuffthathappens Did you own a IBM 5100 Portable Computer? If so you’re probably still suffering back pains from lugging the 25kg “compact problem-solving aid for engineers, statisticians, scientists and financial and business analysts”. The 5100 included an integrated 1024 character display and 16K of memory (upgradable […]

Photosynth Competition!

In the last issue of NewsFeed we highlighted Photosynth, an application from Microsoft that lets you create three-dimensional representations of places and objects using digital images. Well it appears some of you have already been busy ‘synthing’ over the summer because Mike Whyment from the University of Aberdeen recently won an amateur Photosynth competition being […]