Apple allows eBooks on iTunes U sparking eBook Poker: I see your Shakespeare’s First Folio and raise you 100 interactive eBooks

[flickr]3121569986[/flickr] Apple have announced the ePub (one of the eBook formats) is now available on iTunes U. Users of iTunes have been able to view eBooks in ePub format for some time using the iBook app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, but users of iTunes U have been restricted to distributing text using PDF. […]

15-year-old media experts, twitter and intelligent filters

A research note written by a 15-year-old Morgan Stanley intern on the media habits of his generation made it to the front page of the Financial Times this week sparking various headlines including ‘Twitter is not for teens, Morgan Stanley told by 15-year-old expert’ and ‘Teenage media habits: was the whiz-kid correct?’. Apart from various […]

The week in Higher Education (Week 37)

Universities have allowed themselves to become the casual … Times Online – UK That country, she said, invested 2.9% of its national product in higher education, compared with Britain’s paltry 1.1%. Universities therefore had to stop … See all stories on this topic Higher, busier, costlier … a business motto for 2012 Times Online – […]

The week in Higher Education (Week 36)

Not philistine, just practical – UK It’s certainly true that the expansion of the higher education system since the 1950s has resulted in wider access to a university education. … See all stories on this topic Academia and the NHS – bridging the gap Health Service Journal – London,UK The initiative and funds for […]

UHI granted degree awarding powers

The UHI Millennium Institute has recently been granted degree awarding powers by the Privy Council. This is a key step towards gaining a full university title.  Previously degrees from the UHI were validated by the Open University and the change gives the Institute more flexibility in developing new courses. UHI Millennium Institute have a full […]

The Scottish Agricultural College becomes Scotland’s Newest Higher Education Institution

SAC have announced that after two years hard work they will become Scotland’s newest higher education institution in August 2008. Previously education at SAC was funded via the Rural Affair Department of the Scottish Government. From 1st August SAC will become a full member of Universities Scotland and receive funding from the Scottish Funding Council.  […]

Scottish Higher Education: Probably the best higher education in the world?

Yesterday saw the the publication of the first interim report from the Joint Future Thinking Taskforce on Universities on ‘New Horizons: responding to the challenges of the 21st century’. Various papers comment on the potential implications of this report for Scotland’s universities funding (see ‘Related Google News Feed’ for examples). As well as outlining a […]

University lectures on iTunes

“Studying for class” Originally uploaded by jakebouma Last week the BBC reported that the University College London, the Open University and Trinity College Dublin are putting lectures onto ‘iTunes U’. Course material on iTunes isn’t new and in March Brain Kelly (UK Web Focus) highlighted that one of the UKs ‘Top of the Pods, Podpickers’ […]

21st centrury lecturer – more admin than teaching

21st centrury lecturer – more admin than teaching Originally uploaded by m.hawksey “Dealing with 100-250 emails a week, spending over half your time on administration, coping with rising seminar and lecture sizes, but spending less time with students.” UCU 2008 These are the findings of a recent UCU survey of 321 higher education lecturers. The […]

The Sunday Times: Scots universities skew policy to aid poor

Exam Results Day 2001 – Stephen’s Results Originally uploaded by Krypto The Sunday Times reported recently that they had evidence that some Scottish universities had changed their admission procedures to ‘positively discriminate’ in favour of students from disadvantaged backgrounds. In particular the article highlights admission policies for the University of Edinburgh and St. Andrews University […]

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