50 Educational Apps for the iPod Touch

My iPod Touch, as viewed from my new iSight by Valerie Reneé Technology regularly features in the majority of reports looking at how education will evolve. Come the new year, I’m sure many students will have ‘shiny’ new gadgets in their pockets. Long gone are the days when your MP3 player just played music or […]

Hotseat: Any Mobile Will Do

In another post in this edition of NewsFeed we touch upon the issue of platform dependency when thinking about using mobiles in mainstream education (there are obviously other facts like ownership and control, but I’ll conveniently ignore these for now).  The glue which is potentially removing platform constraints is the Internet. A direction which is […]

Google’s Take On the Magical Potential Of Mobile + Cloud

TechCrunch were at the Google’s press event for one of the applications in the next version of their open source mobile operating system Android 2.0. During the Q&A Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt commented: "mobile platforms, Android and the others, are so powerful now that you can … do magical things that are connected with the […]

ALT-C 2009 I: Mobile technology – proximity push and voting/polling on Android

Just back from ALT-C 2009 having been asked to present a session with colleagues on EduApps (this resulted from JISC RSC UK’s donation of an EduApps stick to all conference delegates and ALT members). Over the next couple of days I’ll be making a series of posts to highlight some of the best bits. For […]

Android Mobile OS: Pandora’s box of accessibility opportunities

[flickr]3656288435[/flickr] [Update (21/10/09): Google have recently announced  more accessibility features in Android 1.6] At the RSC we were fortunate to get our hands on one of the latest Android mobile phones, the HTC Hero. For the uninitiated Android is a Open Source mobile operating system originally developed by Google, but now maintained by the Open […]

Ultra Mobile, Ultra Cheap – Student Netbooks

Three bears – Toshiba, Asus and Lenovo Originally uploaded by m.hawksey On of the current buzz words in computing is ‘netbooks’. Netbooks are water downed laptops usually with less processing power and features of their bigger brothers but with the advantage of being more portable and importantly cheaper. These key features potentially make netbooks ideal […]

Ultra mobile, ultra cheap – Which netbook now?

[flickr]photo:3505039111[/flickr]Just over 6 months ago I posted Ultra mobile, ultra cheap – Netbooks. I’ve been meaning to revisit this post for some time. Not only has the market moved on in terms of the range of netbooks available, but on reflection my advice was some what biased leaning towards a device for me and not […]

Free SMS alerts to students

Why might you want to send SMS text messages to students? The LSN funded MOLeNET project has identified various reasons including: send regular prompt revision questions before a test or assessment for pastoral support – term dates, assignment due dates, change of rooms… interactive SMS quizzes with SMS feedback reflective blog entry sending SMS to […]

DIY: A wi-fi student response system

[flickr]photo:12563361[/flickr] Mobile phone ownership within the UK is regularly reported around 90% peaking to 95-97% for 16-24 year olds. While we know ownership is high, there is very little research on the type of phone young people have. Knowing the type of phone potentially allows us as educators to start tapping in to this resource. […]

Mobile Internet, Mobile Life, Mobile Learning

[flickr]photo:118654762[/flickr] Last month I commented on the growth in the Mobile Internet. More evidence of this was revealed on Monday (24th Nov ’08) when Neilson Online published the first results from Mobile Media View (full press release available here). They are reporting a 25% growth in the use of mobile Internet from 5.8 to 7.3 […]

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