Using your YouTube subtitles file and Google Sheets to make a video contents jump list

Read how you can use your YouTube subtitle file as an easy way to create a video contents/jump list in YouTube video descriptions and G+ posts

Getting YouTube Analytics with Google Apps Script when you get authentication loops

In my previous post I provided a tutorial on using the YouTube Data API with Google Apps Script for situations where you were using branded channels (channels not directly owned by a Google account). In this post I’m going to revisit this topic looking at the YouTube Analytics API.

Identity crisis: Using the YouTube Data API with Google Apps Script and Scheduling Live Broadcasts from Google Sheets

Details of how you can use a custom YouTube Data API library to interact with any YouTube account even if it’s owned by a Google+ page

Getting the details of uploads to any YouTube channel into a Google Sheet

As of yesterday TED have uploaded 1,903 videos totaling 1,622,120 seconds of playtime which have been viewed 428,117,012 times and received 4,360,903 likes. This post highlights how to work with Google Apps Script advanced services and other Google API documentation

Allow anyone to add videos to a YouTube playlist from a Google Form using Google Apps Script

A quick example of how you can use Google Apps Script to automatically allow anyone to add YouTube videos to one of your playlists

Using Google Apps Script to proxy YouTube Analytics Channel Reports

YouTube Analytics Channel Reports are restricted to the user authorizing the request must be the owner of the channel. This can cause issues in Apps Script when interacting with other services. This post highlights a workaround where the data is proxied via a separate script published as a web app.

How the Publicis Groupe ‘Maurice Lévy: more digital than ever for 2013’ YouTube video was made

The 2013 New Year’s greetings, from the French advertising and public relations company Publicis Groupe by their CEO Maurice Lévy is making multiple appearances in my circles v. clever use of youtube – try pausing, fast forwarding, or viewing full screen:… rather meta. — George Siemens (@gsiemens) December 13, 2012 When I saw it […]

New YouTube beta feature to add multiple choice questions – still a bit too beta

Via Doug Holton I spotted that there is a new YouTube beta feature to add multiple choice questions (MCQ) to your Youtube videos. Those who have already taken a course on Coursera (surely everyone has now ;), will know the video with MCQ is one of the staples. Is Google trying to rock the boat in the mass online education market?