Google Apps Script, Spreadsheets, Twitter and Gadgets #guug11

Yesterday was the inaugural Google Apps UK User Group (#guug11) event at Loughborough University. I was put to the test with 5 minutes in the open mic session talking about my work with Google Spreadsheets and Twitter. Fortunately before I took the stage Tony Hirst had a session on Mashing Up Google Apps, which did […]

Collecting any data in a Google Spreadsheet using GET or POST by publishing as a service [#dev8d]

I’m at Dev8D which is a JISC funded event targeted at educational developers/coders.  The aim of Dev8D is to bring together developers from across the education sector and wider in order to learn from one another and ultimately create better, smarter technology for learning and research. Dev8D is the major UK event in the year […]

TwapperKeeper looses API access, iTitle turns to the cloud with Twitter Search from Google Spreadsheets

[flickr]4273873244[/flickr] Recently Twitter has been paying close attention to 3rd party developer use of their API. First they stopped whitelisting new applications, then UberSocial and Twitdroid were suspended for terms of service violations, now the popular tweet archiving service TwapperKeeper announced that they will be removing export and API access in response to a request […]

Turning Google Spreadsheets into a personal or group bookmarking service

Recently Yahoo announced that it was going discontinue/sell their Delicious bookmarking service. This led to a swath of messages in my networks by people looking for alternatives and strategies for getting their stuff out. This isn’t a post about how you can get your Delicious bookmarks into something different (most of the other bookmarky sites […]

Export Twitter Followers and Friends using a Google Spreadsheet

Note: Twitter recently wrote to me reminding me that methods of obtaining and exporting Twitter content obtained via the Twitter API is prohibited by section I.4.A of our API Terms of Service ( ), specifically: You will not attempt or encourage others to sell, rent, lease, sublicense, redistribute, or syndicate access to the Twitter API or […]

Collect/backup tweets in a Google Spreadsheet on one sheet

A quick recap in June 2010 I hastily threw together a way to archive tweets using Google Spreadsheets. This was okay but a bit flaky. In February (2011) having learned a lot more about Google Spreadsheets and Google Apps Script I reworked the solution producing version 2 Collect/backup tweets in a Google Spreadsheet. I would […]

Google Spreadsheets and floating point errors aka when is 65078736491511804 + 1 = 65078736491511808 (and automatically archiving your Twitter Status Updates)

Update: You can ignore most of this post as I noticed the Twitter API can return ids as a string. Here is the updated Export/Archive Twitter Status Updates Spreadsheet I used to use my TwitterPad wordpress plugin to archive everything I said on Twitter. The main reason was often I find myself trying to remember […]

[Work in Progress] Creating a framework for custom form interfaces using Google Apps Script

Over the last couple of weeks in some spare moments I’ve been chipping away at a flexible event form booking system based in Google Spreadsheet. It all started with a need to find a way to take event bookings for some of our bigger events which include parallel session selections. Previously I’d come up with […]

Automating your inbox with Google Apps Script

So I realise over the last 6-12 months I’ve been doing a lot of Google Apps Script posts (this is the cloud based programmable stuff). I realise there is a danger you’ll think I’m a fully signed up Google employee, but I’m not (although their jelly beans are very nice), I just see a huge […]

Open for Education: App, App and Away session introducing Google Apps Script #open4ed

Tomorrow (20th May) is our Open for Education event in Edinburgh. We’ve got a great lineup of keynotes, seminars and workshops including presentations from Zoe Ross, Miles Berry and Frank Rennie. The event is now full but with a fairwind and the technology gods looking down on us we hope to stream all the keynotes […]

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