JorumOpen: A Quick Overview and Competition Details

At JISC RSC Scotland North and East we were recently asked for a quick overview of the JorumOpen repository. The query came from a multiple institutional project who were looking for a means of sharing project resources. There main area of interest were easy of access and licensing/copyright. Below is the information we provided: JorumOpen […]

BBC Wildlife photo masterclass and OU photo competition

Whether you are an amateur photographer or teach photography you might be interested in the BBC’s Photo Masterclasses. Originally featured in the BBC Wildlife magazine, the 21 articles are available to download in PDF format and cover a range of advice based on themes like extreme close-ups, zoo photography, plant portraits and more. Click here […]

Moodle Cool Course Competition are looking for entries to this year’s Cool Course Competition. The competition has five categories including: best application of Moodle activities; best use of media; and examples from tertiary education. Entry is open until 19th December 2009 and there are various prizes to be won. Click her to visit The Cool Course Competition for […]

Software Developer at UHI wins prize in JISC MOSAIC Developer Competition

Alistair Young, Senior Software Developer at UHI, has won a prize in JISC MOSAIC Developer Competition. The competition, which attracted international attention, was established to investigate how user data can be used. Balviar Notay from the JISC Environment Team said, “the MOSAIC project is investigating the possibilities for data covering user activity such as book […]