New Apps Script Editor

Totally Unscripted Exclusive: Detailed look at the new Google Apps Script IDE/Script Editor and launch

As part of my other life as a contributor to the Google Apps Script community I was privileged on Friday to host an episode of Totally Unscripted which was joined Keith Einstein Product Manager for Apps Script and Charles Maxson (TU host and Developer Advocate at Google).

In the episode we broke the exclusive news that the new Script Editor will be rolling out to all users starting on 07 December 2020. I can’t thank Keith enough for taking the time out to share this news to the Totally Unscripted audience first and also to Charles for making possible as well as providing an expert tour of the new Apps Script Editor.

Having had a chance to preview the new Script Editor for the last couple of months I’ve found it not only more productive for producing solutions but also feel it helps write better code particularly for the Apps Script V8 runtime.

More official news and resources will be published next week and we’ve setup a category on AppsScriptPulse to capture these and community contributions.

In the meantime if you missed the live episode the recording is included below: