What I’ve starred this month: December 28, 2012

Here's some posts which have caught my attention this month: Activity data – delivering benefits from the data deluge : Digital Infrastructure Team – December 17, 2012 Futurelearn may or may not succeed but is well worth a try « Doug Clow’s Imaginatively-Titled Blog – December 15, 2012 Performance Analytics: Twitter, 20Feet and Crowdbooster « […]

Backup Twitter Status Updates to a Google Spreadsheet

It looks like Twitter are finally rolling out the option to download all your tweets. If you are still itching to get your data this Google Spreadsheet template should help.

How the Publicis Groupe ‘Maurice Lévy: more digital than ever for 2013’ YouTube video was made

The 2013 New Year’s greetings, from the French advertising and public relations company Publicis Groupe by their CEO Maurice Lévy is making multiple appearances in my circles v. clever use of youtube – try pausing, fast forwarding, or viewing full screen: youtube.com/user/PublicisG… rather meta. — George Siemens (@gsiemens) December 13, 2012 When I saw it […]

Twitter provides proof of real-time engagement with the public: How to record it as evidence

Increasing staff are required to provide evidence of the impact of their research. Twitter can be a useful channel to track reaction, but do you have a strategy for recording this evidence. I provide some suggestions

Guest Post for Big Data Week #bdw13: Getting Creative with Big Data and Google Apps

I was recently asked to write a guest post for Big Data Week on using Google Apps as an interface for Big Data. For the post I decided to revisit an old recipe which uses Google Sheets (Spreadsheets) and Google Apps Script to interface the Twitter and Google Analytics API

Mozilla Open Badges Issuer Gadget for Google Sites (and issuing Badges using a Google Spreadsheet)

Want to issue badges in Google Sites? That was the challenge I set myself. My solution is the Open Badges Issuer Gadget for Google Sites. This post outlines my solution and even lets you recieve a badge issued via a Google Form.

Thank you Amber (@ambrouk), good luck in the new job

Amber (@ambrouk/at JISC/of UKOER) is leaving JISC today and Lorna has written a lovely post wishing her goodbye. I’ve known amber since my days in JISC RSC Scotland North & East and she has been a fantastic supporter of my work forever ‘pimping my shit’. Amber thank you and good luck in the new job. […]

What I’ve starred this month: November 28, 2012

Here's some posts which have caught my attention this month: Adam Cooper’s Work Blog » How to do Analytics Right… – November 23, 2012 CHEESE is not a Thing: Emergence, Disruption, and Dairy Products – CogDogBlog – November 22, 2012 Report into the knowledge, use and opinion of OER of US institutional academic leaders – […]

CFHE12 Analysis: Summary of Twitter activity

In this post I want to pull together a couple of ideas around some of the measurable user activity generated as part of CFHE12. This will mainly focus around Twitter with some data from blog posts. I conclude that there are some simple opportunities to incorporate data from twitter into other channels, for example, summary of questions and retweets.

Mining and OpenRefine(ing) JISCMail: A look at OER-DISCUSS [Listserv]

This post takes you thorugh the process of extracting data (in this case a listserv JISCMail list) using OpenRefine and processing the data to make it useable in other applications. The focus of this tutorial is the OER-DISCUSS list.

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