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One of the resources I regularly dip into when Apps Scripting is James Ferreira’s When introducing people to Google Apps Script I usually promote James’s work because he offers free consultation to education and non-profits. Today James sent me the following email and with his permission I’m sharing it here:

I’ve been giving this a lot of thought and helping you get your job done is really where my heart is at. Working as a public servant for my day job I know that it is often difficult to get anything past purchasing. In my opinion this should not be a road block for you in getting better solutions to help accomplish your mission. Therefore, I am offering up all the apps I’m writing for free to Schools, Non-Profits and Gov. I’m also looking for more apps that can be universally applied to add to the library, suggestions? Please forward this email to teachers as there are many things I can help them automate such as testing and Google Sites.
My latest apps Print All for Gmail and Email Archiver are very easy to install and use and it would be great if you could give them a try. Want to write these kinds of apps yourself? Check out my Script Example site or visit the Google Apps Script help forum.
Donations to keep me fuelled with coffee for late night code writing sprees are gladly accepted. I am still working with Google on a book about Google Apps Script, my main programming language, and with some luck it will be published by O’Reilly.
Keep up the good work you do.
Thank you,
James Ferreira

In a follow up email James also highlights:

Google Apps is such a great tool for educators and as you know, Apps Script makes it possible to extend those core services to do just about anything. I would very much like to see educators use Apps Script for teaching basic programming and because it has the same collaborative features as the rest of the Apps suite a teacher could essentially guide students as they work. Have a look at Andy a UI I put together for Google I/O. Can you imagine the fun students would have making their own mini games?
I have also put together a template for making interactive websites that seems perfect for education.

This resonates they way I see Apps Script too 😉


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