I’ve moved

So JISC RSC Scotland North & East (who I currently work for) is no more after July this year (JISC RSC Scotland South & West won the recent re-tender to take on the whole of Scotland). This means it makes sense for me to start flicking switches, turning dials and shift the flow from http://rsc-ne-scotland.org.uk/mashe to my new home https://mashe.hawksey.info. (I thought best to move now rather than later in the hope that the Googles’ of this world get a chance to see I’ve moved rather than completely disappeared.)
To help this along in packing my bags I’ve left the proverbial “we’ve moved to”, which should automatically redirect most of my old traffic. I left a couple of the toys behind though, namely iTitle and uTitle. With Twitter’s recent enforcement of Terms of Service I felt there was too much liability in having them sit on a server I’ve responsibility for. I am however trying to find another official home for these so if anyone is interested get in touch.
How did the move go? Reasonably well. Biggest disappointment was I couldn’t let Google Webmaster Tools know about the shift because I’d registered the old JISC RSC MASHe with a subdomain (ended up needing to registered a new account). Google CSE was better, just a case editing the sites in my existing control panel, no code editing my end. Google Analytics required to register a new account but iIt was easy to change the tracking code on the blog as I use a plugin for that. Redirecting the RSS feed to here was easy as all I needed to do was edit the source in Google Feedburner. Am I missing any Google products :-s
With my blogs future secured what about me? Everyone’s post is redundant, so we’ve the joys of job matching. It looks more favourable for the existing RSC staff in Glasgow as the new posts have been written for them, as for us east coasters with only 2 posts available 6 are going to be disappointed (needless to say if you hear of any jobs going for an educational technology chancer pioneer drop us a line 😉
With any move there is a risk of something getting broke so if you find anything damaged let me know 😉