Various events Feb/Mar around fayres, mobile, widgets, research software, storytelling and collaboration tools

A number of events have passed by my inbox which I thought worth sharing:

February 25th JISC Winter Fayre (Edinburgh & Online)

The rescheduled JISC Winter Fayre (our annual event highlighting local best practice in educational technology and JISC Services). There are a few places left  to attend in person (you can book here), we should also be streaming the keynotes and sessions in the Newhaven, so it might be worth having a look at the full programme to see if there is anything you want to tune into (the webcast will be shown here). I’ll also be attempting to stream my session ‘Festive Tweets’ (#s3) on our Livestream account.

March 9th Collaborative Tools to Support the Learner Experience (Edinburgh)

Organised by JISC Netskills here’s part of the blurb:

“Students today have increasingly high expectations about how technology can support their studies. Many will come to your institution already armed with their own web-enabled devices and fluent in the use of social networking. This workshop explores how you might use collaborative tools to achieve greater levels of student satisfaction, engagement and retention and enhance communication between learners and their lecturers and tutors.”

The education sector price is £160. Here’s more info on the Collaborative tools workshop and booking

March 3rd-4th The Collaborations Workshop 2011 (Edinburgh)

Organised by the Software Sustainability Institute if you use software in your research this event might be just for you:

“The Collaborations Workshop (CW) brings together researchers, software developers and funders to form groups that can work together. It’s a forum in which people can talk about their research interests, abilities and requirements, and then meet with people who can fulfil those requirements. There are three aspects to the Collaborations Workshop. A series of lightening talks provides time for delegates to discuss their work. A follow-up session provides time for in-depth discussion between people who are interested in working together. A meet-the-funders session is planned for funders to discuss their plans over the coming year. Additional sessions based on a flexible agenda will allow delegates to talk about the subjects in which they are interested.

For more information on about the Collaborations Workshop, please visit the workshop website (”

£60 for this event. More details and booking for the Collaboration Workshop.

March 10th Exploring Digital Storytelling (Edinburgh)

Another JISC Netskills event:

“Developments in web technology and the variety of digital media now available provide easy access to a wide range of tools for creating and sharing stories.You don’t need to be a skilled film maker to produce your own movies!

This workshop looks at why stories are a powerful and effective way of communicating with an audience and how the technique can be used effectively for a wide range of purposes; learning, publicity and marketing, community engagement and more.

The workshop will give you plenty of opportunities to get ‘hands on’ with the technology as well as offering you a chance to explore how you might use the technique for your own practice and share ideas with others.”

Again £160 education price. Here’s more info on Exploring Digital Storytelling and booking

March 23rd-24th JISC CETIS Widgetbash (Bolton)

As I’ve shown widget/gadgets are relatively easy to make (My first Google Gadget to embed a flickr photoset with Galleria navigation), but there is a lot more you can do with them like making a portable way for users to keep track of exam results (e.g. City of Glasgow College’s Exam View widget). Still not convinced by the benefit of widgets? You should check out ‘What are the implications of developing and using widgets in teaching and learning?’. Here’s more about the Bolton event:

“Interested in web apps, widgets gadgets? Have a great idea but not sure how to build a widget? Not sure how to deploy and install it in your VLE? Then this is the event for you!

This 2 day event will provide widget building tutorials from the Apache Wookie (incubating ) team, examples of developments of institutional approaches to building and deploying a range widgets and mobile applications from the current JISC DVLE programme programme and the iTech projectFull programme and booking for Widgetbash.

March 29th-30th Open Source Junction: cross-platform mobile apps (Oxford)

Organised by the JISC funded OSS Watch in collaboration with 100% Open:

“This two-day workshop will show delegates how to manage the co-production of cross-platform mobile apps in an open development context. The participants will get the knowledge and practical opportunities to set up open source industry-academia partnerships relevant to the mobile apps space.”

If you are from academia and register this month the event is free to attend (after that it’s £50/day). Full programme and booking for OSJunction

[Hmm I wonder if I should be collecting ‘interesting events’ in a Google Calendar to share, a cross-sector intelligent filter of stuff? If you would like me to do this let me know via comments, twitter etc.]


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